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Our mission is to provide dance instruction to those students interested in a positive and rewarding learning environment. The individual growth and creativity of all our students is a priority for Step In Time.  We aim to increase fitness levels, strength, flexibility, coordination, and self-confidence in all dancers.  We offer classes in both recreational and competitive levels so that all students have the opportunity to participate. Above all, we want students to enjoy themselves and develop an appreciation for the creative art of dance and the passion that is shared by all of the instructors at Step In Time.

2022-2023 DANCE SEASON (Please read Policies and Procedures for more information)
Recreational Mash-Up Classes:
NEW this season, mash-up classes will introduce dancers to a variety of styles throughout the season including: Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Acro & Hip Hop.  Mash-up classes are available in both Hampton and Sussex locations for the following age groups: Age 3, Age 4, Age 5-6, Age 7-8, Age 9-10, Age 11-12. Mash-up classes for age 13+ are available at the Hampton location only.  For age group, please select your dancer's age as of December 31, 2022.
Recreational Technique Classes: These classes are for the budding dancer who wants to delve more into the technique and conditioning aspects of dance class. They are an add-on to the mash-up classes and will help prepare dancers who are interested in advancing to one of the competitive levels in the future. Available for ages 5-8. For dancers age 9+ please contact us for more information.
*If you would like to be considered for one of these competition teams, please let us know by email to and we will guide you to the appropriate evaluations. Step In Time Dance has 3 levels of Competition Teams.
Level B Competition Team - Dancers must be selected for this program and will compete 2-3 routines in one competition in the Spring. They will learn routines in a variety of styles chosen by the instructors and will have two mandatory classes per week:  1 choreography class and 1 technique class per week.
Level A Competition Team - Dancers must be selected for this program and will compete 5-6 routines in 2 competitions in the Spring. They will learn routines in a variety of styles chosen by the instructors and will have three mandator classes per week:  1 choreography class and 2 technique/conditioning/ballet classes per week. Acro is mandatory for dancers aged 12 and under and optional for aged 13+. Dancers aged 13+ who opt out of
acro classes will not be allowed to perform any acro in their choreography.
Travel Competition Teams
There are 3 Travel Competition Teams here at SIT. Queens Crew (Pointe/Ballet), Kings Crew (Hip Hop) and Selects. Auditions are held for Queens Crew and for Kings Crew. Dancers in Selects are chosen by the instructors and will be invited if they are ready for that type of team. Travel Teams will do 3-6 competitions and are expected to travel to the competitions chosen by the instructors for each season. They perform 3-5 routines for each of these competitions. Dancers can choose to only do Kings Crew without another program; however, in order to be selected for Queens Crew or Selects, dancers must be actively participating in the Level A Competitive Program.
If you are looking for dance wear please visit DanceQuest - the Store
The best method to contact us is through email at
We check the emails daily and should reply within 24 hours.
Registration for the 2022-2023 Season is now closed. Please check back for our summer program registration in June and registration for the 2023-2024 season in July. Thank you.